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Our Edible Products

We take what we can give and as does nature. We work with it to grow healthier food products on our land. The pastures are rotated amongst the animals to be sure there is proper balance. We nurture the soil as it nourishes us. The garden is replenished regularly with wood chips, wood ash and aged fertilizer from the livestock . We invite the predatory birds and snakes to hunt the mice, moles and voles as well as the beneficial insects to hunt the invasive ones. Native flowers and a variety of herbs are brought in to attract the good as well as repel the bad. There is co-existence and acceptance as we farm the land that we are blessed with under His Light and His Creation. It is all in the design.

All Produce and Meats are sold locally and direct.

Fresh Eggs

Fresh Eggs and Poultry

Fresh brown eggs from our designated laying chickens. All our chickens are pasture raised on grass with free choice of feed and supplements. This gives the eggs and meat a much richer flavor and much healthier for the consumer.

USDA Pork and Goat

USDA packaged pork available twice a year. USDA packaged goat available mid-summer to late fall. Price is based on weight and cut. All are pasture raised with feed supplement and quality hay.

Raw Sausages
bbqpig (1).jpeg

USDA Whole Pig

At $8.00 per pound dressed weight, the whole pig will be ready to go for the roaster at your next holiday cookout. Weights vary between 75 pounds to 175 pounds depending on age. Choice of head on or off is available. Limited availability per year.


We grow a wide variety of vegetables year-round. We practice companion planting with herbs and flowers to bring in natural pollinators and predators. This allows us to grow tasty produce without the use of chemicals.

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