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Poultry Education Workshop

Are you looking to get into raising poultry? Have you decided on the main purpose you want them for? Interested in breeding or showing? Or do you want to brush up on your knowledge? Start your flock out right and join us for a very in depth education on how to raise poultry.

Workshop is approximately 2 hours.

Workshop will cover:

  • Egg, meat and dual purpose breeds

  • Housing requirements

  • Feed and nutritional needs

  • Basic first aid and care kits

  • Anatomy and conformation

  • Chick, juvenile and adult stages

  • Incubators and brooder set-ups

  • Breeding versus hatchery quality

  • Preparations for a poultry show

  • And more!

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Pricing Information

This workshop is $30 per person. Each student is encouraged to bring a notebook. We will have multiple Q&A opportunities throughout this workshop. This is a great pre-requisite to our Chicken Processing Workshop. We will have simple refreshments available.

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