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Goat Education Workshop

This workshop will cover various topics on basic care and ownership of goats. All students will have a hands-on experience in routine care as well as time to ask questions. Come learn how to raise and manage your goat herd successfully!

This workshop is approximately 2 - 2.5 hours.

We will cover:

  • Meat versus dairy breeds

  • Feeding and hay recommendations

  • Housing requirements

  • Basic anatomy

  • First-aid and care kits

  • Famancha scoring system

  • Dewormers and vaccines

  • Banding bucklings to be wethered

  • Hoof trimming (simple versus complicated)

  • And much more!

Maggie in January 2023.png
Examining Goat on Ranch

Pricing Information

Workshops is $60 per person. Each student is recommended to bring a notebook and appropriate clothing. Simple refreshments will be available.

Check out our Facebook page for workshop dates.

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