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Rabbit Hide Tanning Workshop

This workshop will cover three different ways to process rabbit hides as well as tails and feet. All students will have hands-on experience and time to ask questions. All students will walk away with a finished hide to use for your first project. Come learn how to utilize the most out of your rabbit herd!

This workshop is approximately 5 hours.

We will cover:

  • Rabbit breeds best for fur

  • Difference in hides based on age and season

  • Materials needed with each method

  • Smoking the hide for outdoor wear

  • Recommended materials for fur projects

  • Market fur laws for raw, finished  and crafts

  • Proper disposal of spent solutions and furs

  • Preserving feet and tails

  • And more!

fur pillow 2.png

Pricing Information

This workshops is $125 per person. Each student will leave with a finished hide. Lunch and simple refreshments are provided. Please wear appropriate clothing. Due to salts, we do recommend jewelry not be worn on hands and wrists.

Check out our Facebook page for workshop dates.

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