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Our Handcrafted Goods

We make a wide variety of products for the everyday home and gardens. We strive to make sure each product is durable, biodegradable, and practical. All fabrics and yarn are 100% cotton. All fiber products are sourced, tanned and smoked here on our farm. All soaps are sourced from our own livestock and gardens. All our product goods can either be recycled, incinerated or composted when the life of the product is finished. Regenerative resources at its finest.



We offer four different styles of aprons in various fabric prints. All are very practical for protecting your clothes as you host a party, clean, cook and perform other tasks in the home and out on the farm.
We offer the styles in Bistro, Farmhouse Pinafore, Catering and Egg Gathering (adult and child sizes). 

Crochet Potholders

These are crocheted with 100% cotton and made with double thickness. Great for baking as well as grilling. From experience, these can withstand cast iron cooking indoors and outdoors. These are made to last and offered in a variety of colors to match your style.



Real rabbit foot or tail preserved on a keychain. All feet and tails are preserved and cleaned with alcohol and borax. They are very soft to the touch. Take a little luck with you everywhere you go! 

Fur Headbands and Hats

Real rabbit fur headbands and pompom hand crochet hats. Fabric linings and yarn are 100% cotton. Threading is hemp cordage with reinforced 100% cotton stitching. Very stylish and very practical.

fur Headband.png
fur pillow 2.png

Fur Pillows

Pillows are handsewn together. Each are very plush and soft. They measure 16 inches x 16 inches. Perfect to add a conversation piece to a chair or couch as well as snuggle up to with a movie on a cold day. Each pillow comes in unique patterns depending on furs available.

Lard Soaps

100% Homemade lard soaps made with lard, lye and distilled water. We offer some that are infused with herbs from our gardens. All are made free of dyes to keep them as natural as possible. Lard soaps can be very moisturizing to the skin as lard is very close in genetic makeup to the human skin.

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