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Rabbit Education Workshop

Want to raise rabbits? Not sure how to start? Come join us in this very detailed workshop on raising rabbits successfully. This is a great workshop for pet owners and breeders to learn proper care of their four-legged friends.

This workshop is approximately 2 hours.

Workshop will cover:

  • Pet vs meat breeds

  • Feed and hay requirements

  • Housing requirements

  • Cage versus colony set-ups

  • Basic first-aid kits

  • Grooming requirements

  • Basic anatomy

  • Identifying gender of rabbit

  • Breeding programs

  • Tattooing and record keeping

  • And much more!

Cute Bunny

Pricing Information

This workshop is $30 per person. Each student is encouraged to bring a notebook. We will have multiple Q&A opportunities throughout this workshop. This is a great pre-requisite to our Rabbit Processing and Rabbit Hide Tanning Workshops. We will have simple refreshments available.

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