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Our Brahma Chickens

These gentle giants are wonderful dual purpose chickens. They are great for fertilizer, meat, brown eggs and crafts. All our stock come from show/meat quality lines and are in separate breeding pastures by variety. Height and weight differ depending on lines and variety (we do measure and weigh our stock regularly). All our brahma chickens are bred using the American Standard of Perfection through the American Poultry Association. We are up to date on our National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) for Pullorium-Typhoid NPIP 52-461.

Dark Group 1 (1).jpeg

Dark and Light Brahmas

Hens grow up to 20 inches in height and 7-9 pounds in weight. Roosters grow up to 30 inches in height and 10-12 pounds in weight. Standard colors.


Hatching Eggs: Coming May 2024

On Heat Chicks: Coming May 2024

Off Heat Chicks: Coming May 2024

Point of Lay Pullets: Coming July 2024

Cockerels: Coming July 2024

Roosters: Coming October 2024 (these are proven or upcoming breeders)

Light Trio.jpeg


Pricing is based on quality, lines, sex and age. Live poultry is delivered locally at designated drop off locations. Prices range from $20.00 (day old) to $60.00 (showing/breeding quality layers). We do ship hatching eggs when they are available.

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