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Our Mini Alpine Goats

These are a new and upcoming breed through the Miniature Dairy Goat Association. Like their standard variety, the mini alpine goat is a high milk production goat. This is the result of breeding a male Nigerian Dwarf goat with a female Alpine goat. With that breeding this goat can have singles, twins, triplets or quads. It can come in a wide variety of colors.

The mini alpine goat thrives in any climate while maintaining good health and excellent production. Does reach 28-29 inches and bucks reach 29-31 inches. With the small size, the alpine goat can thrive on less pasture and feed. This goat is sweet and loving as well as highly sociable. This is a project for our farm as it takes six generations to reach purebred status with MDGA. We are excited for this journey.

All goats are annually tested for CAE, CL and Johne's Disease. We keep a clean tested herd to ensure healthy goats as well as healthy milk and meat.

Maggie in January 2023.png


Does reach breeding maturity at 12-18 months old (we prefer to wait until 18 months of age). They grow to be 75-80 pounds in weight and 28-29 inches in height. They produce a milk that is a bit more creamier at the same production output as the standard Alpine.


Bucks reach breeding maturity around 8-12 months of age (best to wait until 12 months). They grow to be 85-100 pounds in weight and 29-31 inches in height. Like other bucks in rut, they can smell.

Kola in January 2023.png

Bucklings and Doelings

All goat kids will leave with updated vaccinations and hooves trimmed. Those that are to the breed standard will leave with registration information and tattooed. Kids are released at 12-16 weeks of age.

Companion Wethers

Wethers make great companions to other bucks or does in a herd. They can be used as pets or grown out for meat and the colorful hide. Our wethers are not castrated (banded) until they are at between 10-12 weeks of age to prevent urinary calculi.



All goats are priced according to gender, age, generation and quality. Each goat will be relinquished to new owner(s) with registration papers as well as be tattooed, disbudded, updated vaccination and deworming records, trimmed hooves and given clean bill of health.

F2 Doelings:

  • 16 Week Old Doeling- $300 each

  • 32 Week Old Doeling- $400 each

  • 1 Year Old Doe- $500 each

F2 Bucklings:

  • 16 Week Old- $150 each

  • 32 Week Old- $250 each

  • 1 Year Old- $300 each

F2 Wethers:

  • ​16 Week Old- $125 each

  • 32 Week Old- $175 each

F3 Doelings:

  • 16 Week Old- $350 each

  • 32 Week Old- $450 each

  • 1 Year Old- $550 each

F3 Bucklings:

  • 16 Week Old- $175 each

  • 32 Week Old- $275 each

  • 1 Year Old- $350 each

F3 Wethers:

  • 16 Week Old- $150 each

  • 32 Week Old- $200 each

~ 2024 Kidding Season ~

Interested in starting a herd of your own or adding new bloodlines to your current herd? We have great expectations for Spring 2024 with our breeding program! Our herd is growing each year. Check out this year's pairings below:

Big Creek Kola - F1
Santee Field Ferdinand - F1
Santee Field Magdalena - F2
Santee Field Griselda - F1
Lamp Light Liebe - F2
April 23, 2024- 2 F2 Bucklings (cou clair and chamoisee colors)
May 3, 2024
May 3, 2024
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