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Rabbit Processing Workshops

This workshop will cover a variety of topics involved in raising and processing meat rabbits. All students will have hands-on experience in the butchering process as well as time to ask questions. Come learn how to manage and utilize your rabbit herd successfully.

This workshop is approximately 2 - 2.5 hours.

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We will cover:

  • Breeds best for meat

  • Housing and nutritional needs

  • Cage system versus colony raising

  • Anatomy and confirmation

  • Methods of dispatching and set-ups

  • Label requirements for meat sales

  • Market laws

  • Portioning cuts, packaging and more!

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Pricing Information

Workshops are $30 per person. This DOES NOT include the rabbit. Each student can process up to TWO rabbits. Please bring a small cooler to take home your meat and wear appropriate clothing.

Rabbits can be purchased from us for $20 each or seek out rabbits from another local breeder. Each student can bring his/her own rabbits (up to TWO), but must be HEALTHY and kept in a transport cage until dispatch.

Check out our Facebook page for workshop dates. 

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