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Our Kunekune Pigs

Kunekunes are smart, sweet-tempered and perfect for any small or large homestead. They originate from New Zealand and average up to 100-300 pounds depending on if male or female as well as age. They are wonderful as they are grazing pigs that help get rid of unwanted weeds or brush as well as unwanted fruits and vegetables from the gardens. Kunekunes have meat that is marbled as well as a deeper red color. Very nutritious! Their fat is very suitable to use in making homemade soaps. As grazing pigs, they produce rich fertilizer for the gardens. These pigs are very utilitarian!



Generally the boars will reach up to 300-350 pounds and 4 feet in length by 3-4 years of age. Only those that are to the breed standard with excellent growth and temperaments will be available to add to another breeding program.


Barrows are wonderful as pets, companions to another boar and/or to raise out in pasture for meat and lard. Each will grow to 300 pounds and 4 feet in length by 3-4 years old. They are sweet in nature due to the lack of hormones.



Generally gilts will grow to 200-250 pounds and 3.5 feet in length by 3-4 years of age. Only those that are to the breed standard with excellent growth, teet formation and count, temperament and good width will be available to another breeding program.


Pricing is dependent on several factors: age, gender, intact or cut, confirmation and quality to breed standard, and vaccination status. All pigs/piglets leave with hooves trimmed and up to date on deworming and vaccination program. Pricing ranges from $250 (young boar) to $500 (breeding age gilt).


Kunekune Gilts​

  • 12 Week Old Gilt- $250.00 each

  • 32 Week Old Gilt- $400.00 each

  • 72 Week Old Gilt+ $600.00 each

Kunekune Boars

  • 12 Week Old Boar- $150.00 each

  • 32 Week Old Boar- $300.00 each

  • 72 Week Old Boar- $500.00 each

Kunekune Barrows

  • 12 Week Old Barrow- $200.00 each

  • 32 Week Old Barrow- $350.00 each

  • 72 Week Old Barrow- $550.00 each

Disclosure Agreement

These are live animals. Please do your research on the feed, care, breed and zoning requirements for each prior to the purchase. We always recommend to have a good relationship with your local veterinarian. Many of our animals have records with Dominion Equine Clinic that can be transferred upon ownership.

We do not offer refunds or returns on livestock due to biosecurity. All leave facility grounds with a clean bill of health as well as up to date on any needed dewormers, vaccinations and grooming care. All payments are due in full prior to the release of any animal to new owner(s). All sales are on a first come, first serve basis unless a deposit has been arranged and made in payment. All sales are final.

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