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Pig Processing Workshop

This workshop will cover a variety of topics in processing a whole pig. All students will have hands-on experience and time to ask questions about the break down of a pig from start to finish. Come learn how to prepare your freezer for your next whole pig!

This workshop is held over a 2 day period.

Approximately 4 hours on a Friday and 6-8 hours on a Saturday.


We will cover:

  • Feeding and hay instructions

  • Housing requirements

  • Breeding practices

  • Deworming and vaccinations

  • Basic anatomy

  • Methods of dispatching

  • Scalding versus skinning

  • Break down of carcass

  • Portioning cuts and sausage making

  • Packaging and more!

bbqpig (1).jpeg
bbqpig (1).jpeg

Pricing Information

This workshop is $450 per person.

Day 1: Simple refreshments & snacks are provided

Day 2: Lunch & simple refreshments are provided

Each student will take home one pound of sausage.

Please wear appropriate clothing.

Check out our Facebook page for workshop dates.

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